International Vaccination Passport: What It Is and Whether You Need It

COVID-19 stuck people in their houses for a year. No wonder that many people have addressed psychologists – it’s too difficult to be at home and not go mad, especially when you have relatives, your love, or friends in another country.

Fortunately, after a year of Coronavirus, people leave their houses and go to new places, and start to explore new states and cities. This is because leaders of countries have backed vaccination passports. All you need to do is receive the vaccine twice and don’t lose this certificate.

Don’t think that such passports have never been in human history. The history of a vaccination passport isn’t new and hasn’t occurred once Covid happened. Many countries require his passport. For example, you should have a yellow fever vaccination certificate to visit Brazil.

What Is An International Vaccination Passport?

International vaccination passport, Vaccination certificate, International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis – call it how you want, but the point is the same.

An international vaccination passport is a document that confirms you’re vaccinated against a disease. In the case of COVID-19, this document certifies that you received two doses of vaccine. Having this passport, you are exempt from isolation and can travel all over the world. It can be a so-called e-vaccination certification of compliance for border crossing regulations. You can activate it via the app. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about whether you forgot a document for a trip or not.

As to European Union, it has its own document that travelers must have. It is called Digital Green Certificate. You can verify this certificate via QR-code – a big square made of black and white small squares. By the way, this document can also be on paper. Also Read – How Do You Start Writing A Travel Blog?

Who Can Get a Vaccination Certificate?

A vaccination certificate is available for any person who received two doses of vaccine via an accredited vaccination service. Even if these doses are from two different vaccination services.

Another person can’t get your vaccination certificate. You can’t transfer it to your friend or relative.

How Long Does It Affect?

A vaccination passport takes effect one week after you are vaccinated and expires after six months. If you lose your certificate, you can get a new one. Its validity period remains the same. For example, if you received this certificate on January 1st, it expires on July 1st. If you lose it and get a new one on March 22nd, it still expires on July 1st.

How Does It Work?

With a “vaccine passport”, you can visit many countries, for example, the US, the UK, Italy, Greece, and others.

You should show this certificate when you arrive in a country. If you have a digital version, you can verify it via the app. Keep in mind that this certificate isn’t valid without your identification documents such as:

  • identity card;
  • passport;
  • driver’s license.

But some places don’t accept it at all. For example, Arizona became one of six states in the USA that banned the Coronavirus vaccination passport.

Do You Need It?

Do you need a vaccination certificate?

If you’re going to travel, the answer is yes.

If you want to be at home, the answer is no. If you desire, you can only get vaccinated to protect yourself.

But every idea has a dark side of the picture. Vaccinating people from different countries, the world faces two big problems.

1. Privacy

Many people don’t want to share their vaccination data and don’t want the government of their country to know it. Or another example. Can my employer require my vaccination status? This question concerns many employees.

And one more instance. A digital certificate is verified via the specialized app. Does this app collect my data? It’s an issue because it isn’t new that apps collect their users’ data. For instance, Facebook and Instagram do it. Facebook and Instagram declared that if users do not agree for picking their data up after updating iOS to version 14.5, they can’t use these social media on their phones.

2. Ethical Issue

Why can’t I decide whether to get a vaccination or not when traveling to another country? This question worries people who want to visit new places.

As you see, there are pros and cons of vaccination. If you agree with the results of this process, you can get a vaccination and travel the world with a piece of mind.

The Bottom Line

Now you know more about the vaccination passport and how it works. Also, you’re aware of the problems related to vaccination. If you decide to become vaccinated, you can get a vaccination certificate and visit some countries. But not all places accept this document. Some states even ban it.

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