When to Book Your Nile Cruise for the Best Price

Everyone is looking for travel packages that will give you the best bang for your buck. Oftentimes, retreats, all-inclusive resorts, and cruises are cheap options that allow you to bundle things like meals, room and board, and tours. This is especially true with Egyptian Nile River tours.

The best time of year to book your Nile River cruise will depend entirely on your priorities. Every travel destination has a “peak” season and off-season. While it might save you money to book your trip during the off-season, you want to make sure that all the sites and attractions you want to see are open for business.

Keep reading to find out when to book your Nile Cruise in order to get the best price possible.

Best Time of Year Overall

The weather in the Middle East runs warm in general, but there are specific times of year that be either perfect or terrible for your trip. It all depends on your preference and how you plan to spend most of your time. If you want your trip to include a few days at the Dead Sea Riviera, in Hurghada, it’s best to choose a warmer time of year.

Luckily, Egypt doesn’t get nearly as cold as other parts of the world. If you want the perfect beach weather, it’s recommended to go during April or May, when it will be in the 90s Fahrenheit. June through August are the summer months, and temperatures can get up into the 100s and 100s Fahrenheit.

Depending on your tolerance for heat, you could pick September or October if you wanted to keep your cruise in the “off-season”. However, it will still be fairly hot, and walking tours through the desert might not be as enjoyable as they would be in cooler weather.

Peak season in Egypt is during November and December and with good reason. The average temperature during that time is a dream and normally stays in the 80s and 90s. Tickets for Nile River cruises aren’t exactly at their cheapest during these two months, but it is important for you and your party to discuss in advance whether they are willing to sacrifice comfort for a budget.

Perks of Booking Your Cruise Early

If you have chosen to book a Nile River cruise, it’s best to book as early as possible and even regularly peruse your desired travel website to book cruises the same day they launch. In the beginning, companies are more desperate to fill the ships to justify the cruise, so tickets will be dirt cheap.

As time goes on and more and more people begin to book, they may raise prices if they see that the cruise is in-demand. This is a sneaky tactic that all transportation businesses, especially airports, do to increase profits.

As an early booker, you will also have more freedom to choose the perfect suite as well as whatever mealtime you want. Depending on the max occupancy of the ship, some cruises will stagger mealtimes so that the lounges don’t get overcrowded.

Another perk of booking early is that many cruises will offer coupons, free or discounted upgrades, or even free airfare. As mentioned before, right after the cruise goes on sale, they are pulling out all the stop to get as many people to book as possible. Take advantage of these perks, as they may not be there for long.

Perks of Booking Your Cruise Late

If you have a sudden opening in your schedule and want to go on a spontaneous vacation, fear not. You may be able to save just as much money booking late as those who booked early. The secret is looking for any cruise that has last minute cancellations.

Bad things happen, and some people have to cancel their vacations at the last minutes. While that’s very unfortunate for them, it’s a stroke of luck for you. The cruise line will be desperate to fill those reservations again, and they will likely offer it at half the normal price. It may not come will all the perks and extra packages as the tickets that were booked early in advance, but it certainly beats paying full price.


Ramadan is a month-long Islamic celebration that begins in mid-March and goes through to mid-April. The official religion of Egypt is Islam, and the entire country celebrates this traditional holiday every year.

If you are booking a Cairo Nile Cruise, these rules won’t necessarily effect you as much as they would if you were staying in cities on land. However, while you are on shore, it’s important to know the local traditions in order to be respectful and courteous to locals. In the Islamic faith, there are five different calls to prayer each day, so be patient if local workers stop what they’re doing to honor this practice. Also, as a traveler visiting, it’s best to avoid eating, drinking, or smoking in public. Even as a foreigner, you’ll be expected to honor their traditions during Ramadan.

Ramadan is a time when Muslims around the world celebrate when the holy prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, received the Holy Quran from Allah Himself. Traditionally, they honor this time by fasting from sunrise to sunset and breaking their fast with dates and milk or water.

If you’re in Egypt during Ramadan, you might see special menus at restaurants, street vendors and festivals, and even live music at every new city you arrive at. This is a beautiful time to experience the beauty and zeal of the Islamic faith and to experience the warm Egyptian hospitality.

If you want to book your Nile River cruise during November or December, you won’t have to worry about Ramadan. However, if you are looking to save money and book during the off-season, it’s best to be knowledgeable and prepared for this religious holiday.

What’s Your Best Option?

While last minute vacations are always exhilarating, it’s always recommended to book your Nile River cruise early in advance. That way, if you need to cancel or change the date, there usually won’t be as many penalty fees.

If you want to pay less and go during late Spring, prepare to experience the vibrant festivals and beautiful music of Ramadan. No matter when you choose to go, Egypt Tours are guaranteed to show you the trip of a lifetime.

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