Rose Mansion In Punawale

Rose Mansion In Punawale

Rose Mansion: The Rosé Mansion is bucking the idea that the pink drink is reserved for summer and transforming itself into a fall destination. Extending its stay through Nov. 3, the boozy pop-up revealed plans on Sept. 13 to transform into a “mystical” mansion with new seasonal frosés and a program of events through October.

The pop-up took over the second floor of the Manhattan Mall (near Penn Station) earlier this year with 14 rooms, where guests can learn about the process of wine-making and its history amid an Instagram-friendly backdrop.

Rose Mansion In Punawale

Now, the space will have even more installations in addition to what is already there, including a “vineyard” surrounded by rows of grapevines, a flowchart to find your own biological preferences for sweet or bitter flavors, Cleopatra’s Palace with Brachetto wine, a celebration room with glitter cannons, a giant cake, giant furniture, bright colors, firework imagery and others.

The project is located in Punawale, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Apartment sizes in the project range from 444 sqft to 667 sqft.

The project is spread over an area of 2.20 Acres.

Rose Hill Mansion

It all began with the Museum of Ice Cream. That pastel-colored paradise promised to celebrate all things ice cream-related, but, really, the Instagram-bait pool of rainbow sprinkles was its biggest draw. Did the museum offer samples? People genuinely forgot to ask. They mostly wanted to take photos in its meticulously-staged, prop-filled rooms and watch the likes roll in.

Since then, a buffet of similar pop-up experiences has appeared—including Candytopia, Museum of Pizza, and Egg House—all of which lead visitors through a series of food-themed, #influencer-level Instagram backdrops. The latest of these is New York City’s Rosé Mansion, which opens on Thursday, July 12. I got a first look inside.

Rose Red Mansion

There’s Rosé Airlines, and a rainbow scratch-and-sniff wall (this is not a gimmick, the wall really smells like each color’s assigned flavor), a room lit by a disco ball and filled with plastic bubbles labeled “Champagne Dreams,” and a bathtub filled with white and pink rose petals. I haven’t even listed all the photo-opp ready props—trust me, there are more. My favorite, though, is a short hallway near the scratch-and-sniff-wall that contains six closet-sized rooms each outfitted with a full-length mirror and different background—peach-colored roses that actually smell like roses, and plastic flamingos, for instance. These rooms have absolutely nothing to do with rosé, but so what? We all know why we’re there. To get the perfect selfie! And so the Rosé Mansion provides.

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The Rosé Mansion wants you to learn something too, though. At every station, you can get a short tutorial about how rosé works. At the blending lab, for instance, you learn about how it’s made. In another room, a guide presents with you with a grapefruit gummy bear and asks you to describe how your wine tastes after you eat it. In one of the hallways, a friendly docent explains some of the historical figures who have influenced the history of wine.

At the preview, guests nodded politely along as each presenter gave his or her required spiel, and then quickly pranced off with their friends to continue taking photos. Who can blame them, really? The walls are painted in eye-candy hues of peach, magenta, and bubblegum, and we’d all been sipping free wine for the past half an hour. The atmosphere is light and celebratory—there’s no need to pretend that we showed up for any other reason than to show off on social media.

A building filled with art created specifically for the purpose of being photographed for Instagram does seem like an unnecessary indulgence, but not everything needs to be serious. If you want to learn about rosé, there are books for that. If you want to put on a pink dress and stand in front of a wall covered with roses, there’s now a mansion for that. It looks beautiful, and for the half an hour you’ll spend wandering the Rosé Mansion’s hallways, that’s all that needs to matter.

Rose Mansion New York

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The Rose Mansion

There will also be themed weekends like the “Moonlight Masquerade,” the “Pumpkin Spice Soirée,” “Mythical Beings,” “New Moon Celebration” and “Enchanted Halloween.” Check the schedule to find out when these will be held.

This year’s Rosé Mansion is literally twice the size of the 2018 edition, spanning more than 32,000 square feet.

Co-founders Morgan First and Tyler Balliet have created pop-up wine-tasting events, geared toward millennials, for more than a decade. Briana Kreamer of Westchester in the Secret Garden room at the Rosé Mansion pop-up in the Manhattan Mall on Aug. 8. Photo Credit: Marisol Diaz-Gordon

The Rosé Mansion is a way for them to offer more education about wine than they have in past events, according to Balliet.

“Rosé is a really good way to talk about culture, history, and science,” he said last year. “The people who make it and consume it are the real story — that’s what motivates me.”

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