Planning a Yacht Party? Consider These Things

Planning a party on a yacht can be both fun and overwhelming, especially for people not familiar with yachts. The good news is that some aspects are similar to throwing a party at home. You need food, guests, drinks, and music, but in this scenario, your venue will be on a yacht. If you do this right, this can end up being the best party you and your friends have ever had. With that said, here are a few things to think about when planning a yacht party.

Pick a Yacht and a Destination

The two most important things are the yacht and the destination. The first thing you need is the yacht where the party will be. Also, you can’t just pick any yacht. You need to consider if it’s spacious for your guests. Most yacht companies, like Canvas Yacht Charters, offer a selection of different vessels. You can choose one based on your preference. Are you looking to go to the Bahamas or the British Virgin Islands? Whatever destination you have in mind, check that the company can accommodate you.

Consider the Number of Guests You Want

When it comes to parties, the motto is the more, the merrier. But before you start sending out invitations, understand that yachts have a maximum carrying capacity. While some can only accommodate six people, others will accommodate even 100 or more. How many people would you like to attend the party? Once you have the number, choose a yacht to suit all those people.

Decide How Long You’ll Be Away

How long do you plan to use the yacht? Is it a couple of days or a whole week? This also begs the question, what does it cost to charter a yacht? Most companies offer different itineraries at different prices. Each itinerary has a different number of days. You can also request the company to tailor an itinerary for your needs. Whichever decisions you make, ensure that your guests will be available for the duration you plan to be away.

Plan for Various Activities

Another important step is deciding the activities you’ll do on the yacht. There are many activities you can do, such as water sports, dancing and socializing, sightseeing, or total relaxation. The tone and style of the party will determine which activities you do. In the planning process, check that the crew can meet these needs.

Organize the Food and Drinks to Be Served

A party without drinks and food is a disaster. Guests expect to be fed, and if you fail in this department, your guests won’t be thrilled with you. You can look up food ideas for a party to get an idea about what to serve your guests. The yacht company can also give you a menu selection to pick the meals and drinks you want to serve.

With the ideas mentioned above, you can ensure that your party is a success. As long as you don’t neglect the important aspects of party planning, you are guaranteed a good time.

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