4 Things to Consider When Buying a Diesel Heater

Road trips are fun when it’s always warm. This should always be the case even if you’re experiencing cooler weather. You should always ensure that you’re kept safe and warm inside your caravan regardless of external factors. You should still be supremely comfortable even if the weather is already nasty. This is something that can be easily achieved if you have the right caravan heater. This is what diesel heaters are for.

What is a diesel heater?

A diesel heater is a caravan accessory that can provide instant heat inside your caravan. It can be used and is widely used not just by car owners but by owners of trucks, cars, sailboats, yachts, and power boats.

How does a diesel heater work?

A diesel heater can keep you cozy and warm inside your caravan through this process:

  1. The process starts with its intake pipe. This external intake pipe provides the air for internal combustion.
  2. Such air then goes through the combustion chamber where it is mixed with diesel.
  3. Such mixture heats up the surface area of the heater’s heat exchanger.
  4. As such a surface is heated, the internal blower will then draw cool air from the inside of your caravan into the heat exchanger.
  5. Such air gets heated through the heat exchanger and is then blown back into the inside of your caravan.
  6. Exhaust air is kept separate and is blown back outside via the exhaust pipe.

You Should Consider the Following When Looking for a Diesel Heater:

  1. Heating Performance

You should look for a diesel heater that will deliver superior performance. A diesel heater has superior performance if:

  • it uses extremely low fuel
  • it does not consume much power
  • it is cost-effective
  • it does not produce wet heat – wet heat is produced by poor diesel heaters that don’t burn well in given temperatures. Such wet heat makes the inside of your caravan humid. It will also cause condensation. Such scenarios are not ideal because they invite the growth of mould in your caravan.
  • it offers clean dry heat
  1. Safety

Your chosen heater must be safe for use. A diesel heater is safe for use if:

  • it has a mechanism that prevents overheating
  • it has a mechanism that will trigger an auto shutdown in case a certain temperature is exceeded
  • it is specifically designed to not pose any risk or damage in case of overheating
  • it has a secure design that does not result in any risk of combustion
  • it has a secure design that does not result in any risk of inhalation
  • it has a completely sealed combustion chamber
  • its exhausts ate vented outside
  • it can be used while your vehicle is on the road
  • it can be used while you’re sleeping

it does not pose any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

  1. Temperature Control

You should pick a diesel heater that has stable temperature control features. It should have a design that allows for stable control of your desired temperature inside your caravan. Ideal diesel heaters with temperature control have an automatic setting that allows them to still keep working while on their lowest setting when your desired temperature is reached. Not all caravan diesel heaters have this kind of feature.

  1. Quiet Operation

Did you know that being in a loud environment can lessen your productivity level by 5%? This is a result of recent studies that show just how grave noise pollution can affect our daily lives. A mere increase in decibels can already lessen one’s productivity level so we should all be extra careful. The tricky thing with this dilemma is it’s hard for human ears to detect if something is already noisy. Hence, it is important to simply avoid excessive noise at all costs. This is why you should go for a heater that is not noisy at all. Looking for one will allow you to continue to be productive and be free of any extra stress that noise pollution can cause.

PRO TIPS: Questions to ask yourself to determine if you need a regular or more powerful heater.

Question #1: Do you drive around cold areas?

You should definitely get a more powerful heater if you intend to drive around and explore snowy areas. A regular caravan heater should suffice if you don’t see yourself driving around cold areas.

Question #2: Do you drive a caravan with many large windows?

Your caravan loses energy through window glasses. You will experience significant heat loss if you have many windows. This is why you would need a more powerful heater if you have many large windows in your caravan. A regular caravan heater would suffice if your caravan does not have many large windows.

Question #3: How big is your caravan?

You will need a more powerful heater if you have a big caravan. A big caravan is a caravan or RV that has a size that is close to that of a regular bus. Such big caravans absolutely need a more powerful heater. A more powerful heater will be able to quickly heat up such a big space. You can still opt for a regular heater if you have a big caravan. But you need to be aware that it will not be able to heat up a big space instantly.

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